The digitization of medical records is something that has fully come about in recent years. Amazon has recently unveiled a piece of artificial intelligence that essentially processes medical records with learning-technology. This service essentially uses all of the information that is contained in your medical record to make diagnoses through a process of correlation. Certain diseases correlate with various symptoms that are likely to be present in your medical record. This type of technology basically uses all information that is known to compare all details in your medical record. In essence, this service can predict and diagnose diseases that a doctor simply would not be able to diagnose. The volume of information is simply too massive for a human to comprehend. A computer, on the other hand, may be able to make diagnoses that would not have been caught otherwise.

There are a ton of reasons why this type of technology may be beneficial. Catching a disease at an early stage is absolutely critical. If you discover you have cancer early on, there is a very good chance you will be able to treat cancer. Utilizing this type of digital tool may be able to predict a developing disease such as cancer, which is derived from the full analysis of your medical record. This type of insight has the potential to totally change the way we approach medicine, although there are some major drawbacks to incorporating something of this magnitude.

One of the biggest problems with going down this road is the fact that insurance companies are likely going to be able to use the same information. If your records are able to be searched in the same manner by these insurance companies, they are going to know whether or not you have a high chance of developing a disease. While the technology isn’t perfect, it will definitely give insurance companies the incentive to avoid insuring people who are at risk of developing a disease. This reality poses a major problem. Security is another thing that may be compromised by utilizing this level of technology, as your medical information would be accessible online. Almost every network can be hacked into, which presents a major security risk to pretty much everyone.