The job market for cybersecurity positions is a hot commodity these days. Many companies have a hard time filling these types of position and, in turn, are lacking in this area because the pool of candidates is so low. Because cybersecurity is essential to a business’s success, top candidates with the right skill set are in high demand. If you are deciding to enter into this industry, there are a few skills you will want to develop before adding your resume to the mix.

Security measures are continually changing because of the plethora of cyber threats that present themselves daily. These professionals must learn top of the line skills to understand how threats surface and how to both attack and prevent them from happening. Technological advances will consistently bring about new platforms that must be adapted to and handled efficiently

One of the most sought after roles is a cybersecurity data scientist. This position allows professionals to secure ways to utilize data to assist in developing risk metrics to analyze how to secure a company’s programs best. When you can learn the skills to use threat intelligence, threat modeling to aid in assessments, future plans for taking security measures, and your cybersecurity skills include a high level of intelligence in data science; you will become increasingly in demand.

When you can combine the skill set of being both a coder and understanding cybersecurity techniques and measures, you should have no problem finding a career in today’s job market. At this time, security leaders are looking for coders who may not even have experience in security but can be taught to do so in the same arena because it is such an in-demand job. As a cybersecurity specialist, it would deem very wise to create a coding skill set for yourself, which can put you far beyond the rest. Organizations are looking for these types of positions that can utilize and build custom tools.

There are quite a few skills that can be used in the cybersecurity field to amplify your candidacy to high-level status. Because professionals in the field are needed, adding any of the skills you can find in DarkReading to your resume, will help you reach the top of your potential in the industry.