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In the rapidly evolving landscape of medicine and healthcare, artificial intelligence (AI) stands at the forefront of innovation, promising solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing the sector today. At the heart of this technological revolution is Dr. Nabil Adam, co-founder and CEO of Phalcon, LLC, a dynamic small business dedicated to applying AI in medicine and healthcare… continue reading

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Abstract: Amazon Web Services has awarded Dr. Nabil Adam and Dr. Robert Wieder a grant for their research project, “Racial Disparities in Cancer Therapy-Induced Adverse Events.” Regarding this award to Dr. Nabil Adam and Dr. Wieder, The AWS Health Equity Initiative (HEI) said, “We are honored to be joined by so many talented innovators leveraging the cloud to reduce inequities in care and enhance health outcomes by increasing access to health services, reducing disparities by addressing social determinants of health, and leveraging data to promote equitable and inclusive systems of care.”

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Abstract: Drug repositioning in cancer has been pursued for years because of slowing drug development, increasing costs, and the availability of drugs licensed for other indications with anticancer effects in the laboratory. Repositioning has encountered obstacles due to generally insufficient single-agent clinical anticancer effects of licensed drugs and a subsequent reluctance by pharmaceutical companies to invest in phase III combination studies with them. Here we review potential machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI) approaches for using real-world data (RWD) that could overcome the limitations of clinical trials and retrospective analyses. We outline a two-tiered filtering approach of identifying top-ranked drugs based on their drug-target binding affinity scores while considering their challenges and matching the top-ranked drugs with their top-ranked specific scenarios from among the multitude of real-world scenarios for efficacy and safety. This approach will generate RWD scenario-specific hypotheses that can be tested in randomized clinical trials with high probabilities of success.

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FGF Receptor Signaling in Breast Cancer Dormancy and Reawakening in the Bone Marrow

Dr. Nabil Adam is a Co-PI of a new research grant proposal that the Department of Defense has approved for a three-year study on the role of the FGF receptor in the dormant state of breast cancer cells. This project aims to identify the factors that can trigger the cancer cells’ reemergence and prevent it from returning. The findings of this study could help improve the detection and treatment of breast cancer. He plans to pursue this project with the help of Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

The Immutable Burden of Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer
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Dr. Nabil Adam (Ph.D.) and Dr. Robert Wieder (M.D., Ph.D.) Awarded 2020 Busch Biomedical Grant

2022 Defense TechConnect Innovation Summit & Expo

Dr. Nabil Adam Invited to Poster Presentation at the 2022 Defense TechConnect Innovation Summit & Expo

From September 27 to 29, 2022, at the Gaylord National Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland, Dr. Nabil Adam will be participating in a poster presentation at the 2022 Defense TechConnect Innovation Summit & Expo. Dr. Nabil Adam’s submission is entitled, “SEER-Medicare Linked Data and Deep Learning: Help Advance Evidence-based Care to Breast Cancer Patients,” and he will be accompanied by co-author R. Wieder.

Dr. Nabil Adam Invited to Engineering for One Planet Scaling for Impact Workshop

From June 21 to 24, 2022, Dr. Nabil Adam will be participating in a workshop organized by the National Science Foundation’s Engineering for One Planet initiative. The event will bring together various engineering faculty members, students, and professional engineers to discuss how to improve the quality of engineering education in the US. The workshop participants will then develop a 5-year roadmap to transform the country’s engineering curriculum.

Local Business Owner Dr. Nabil Adam Named to NSBA Leadership Council