CyberSecurity has steadily evolved over the years due to the increase in digital products and devices and technological advances. The increasingly large amount of tools now available has caused cybersecurity to be a number one issue on the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Years ago, the risks of a breach in cybersecurity had been solely put onto the shoulders of the IT department within a company. Since it is a such an important aspect to be in control of and remain constantly proactive, cybersecurity and the protection of information has come to the forefront of each company.

The beginning of real cyber threats came around in the early 2000s, acting more as an inconvenience rather than a danger. From 2008 on, we were exposed to different viruses, worms, and trojans, that changed the way we kept information safe on the internet.

Since then, detection and prevention defenses have been continuously created and updated to protect against the penetration of hackers and viruses in our systems. Data breaches happen most times because the only protection they use is a firewall. Over the years and multiple reported data breaches, cybersecurity specialists found that no matter how high-tech the firewall is, someone will eventually break through

A few newer security methods including duo-authentication and encryption have become some of the best defenses against cybercriminals. Multi-authentication forces the user to login to accounts through different methods and devices, while encryption doesn’t necessarily protect from infiltration, but instead renders the data useless if lost or stolen.

Staying up to date on the newest cybersecurity technology has to offer will help to ensure the best experience for customers. Businesses will benefit heavily as well, to keep important information safe both from within the company and for their customer’s sake.

Cybersecurity has dramatically evolved over the years because of new developing cyber threats, and it will continue to grow as they increase. Leaks and hacks seem to be commonplace among this generation and have become something we expect to happen at some point, rather than an issue we feel we don’t have to worry about.

The bottom line is, as soon as something connects to the internet, it becomes defenseless to any type of hack or virus lingering out there. If a business wants to protect their information the best way possible, looking to the future of innovation and proactive security methods will be essential for success.