Medicare Supplement plans are designed to help cover what Original Medicare may not, such as coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles. These are great options for individuals in need of full coverage that have the financial stability to tack on more benefits, but it is important to weigh those options before deciding. For example, some Medicare Supplements may come with a $0 copay, or they may not cover vision, dental, or prescriptions.

With that said, here are some of the best Medicare Supplements available in 2021 according to

AARP UnitedHealthcare

AARP was ranked #1 in customer service by Newsweek, which is extremely important for those on Medicare. UnitedHealthcare works with a vast network of providers and pharmacies, going so far as to offer discounts for hearing and vision coverage.


Humana offers Medigap plans A-N and comes with an array of online resources. With 24/7 phone access to registered nurses, this insurer has surprisingly low annual rates, and offers nationwide coverage. Their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is an added bonus for individuals currently comparing potential providers.

Mutual of Omaha

Another insurer with an impressive customer satisfaction rating, Mutual of Omaha boasts the statistic of 98% of their claims being paid within 12 hours or less. With a complimentary vision plan, their perks are among the best, with more such as household discounts, and a free 30-day trial period for those still shopping around.


Cigna comes with one of the most easy-to-use online platforms of all insurance companies. Their benefits include coverage with any medical provider who accepts Medicare, discounts on gym memberships and various fitness-related costs, and coverage on more serious situations like accidents, cancer, heart attack, and stroke. 


Aetna is another insurer that offers coverage with any medical provider who accepts Medicare with consistently fair rates each year. While their plans are not available in all 50 states, they do offer a 12% household discount. Aetna also flexes their philanthropic muscle through volunteer work and financial support of numerous charitable organizations.